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EGO-T CE4 or CE6

CE4 Electronic Cigarettes                   CE6 Electronic Cigarettes

Why EGO CE4 Is Different than Others?

EGO CE4comes with a number of advantages. You may want to know why you should buy it! Following are the reasons:

  • Easy To Refill: It is very easy to refill. Just unscrew the tip as well as just fill it with e-liquid.
  • No Burning Smell: It is out of leakage! Therefore, you will never get any burning smell.
  • Battery Facility: It is highly compatible with the e-batteries of eGO-C, e-GO-W, eGO-T and 510 threads.
  • Save Money:EGO CE4is equal to one pack tobacco cigarettes. So it can save your money with the same


eGo-T Max More Power More Vapor

eGo-T Electronic Cigarettes




Disposable Electronic Cigarettes E510 Super Kit
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The Best Electronic Cigarette

  Often people ask what is the best Electronic Cigarette on the market? Some would say the disposible is the best Electronic Cigarette, while others would say refillable are the best. In most cases it depends on what you are looking for. So when looking for the Best you will find it here at

Perfect Way To Quit Smoking!

Vapor Cigarettes make the IDEAL WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR. If you know someone that smokes, then what could be better? Vapor Cigarettes are better for a smoker than regular cigarettes and can be used in almost any location.

How it works

E-Cigarette (ECigs) are battery powered, and create their effect by vaporizing nicotine which is dissolved in a (E-Liquid/e-Juice) solution of water and propylene glycol. The vapor is very much like the mist used in fog machines, minus the nicotine. The result is something that feels like smoke in the mouth and lungs but without involving any real smoke, tobacco or combustion. The Smokeless Cigarettes vapor dissipates rapidly, and leaves no bad oder in the air or on clothing. Because the smoke is vapor, you will not get any of those unwanted chemicals or tar, a clean delivery of nicotine found in regular cigarettes, and you can Smoke vapor cigarettes almost anywhere (airports, bars, clubs, restaurants, casino etc.

(Please Check Local Laws).


Smokeless electronic cigarettes are a very practical alternative for those that smoke and wish to do something about quitting. Due to the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes, Smokeless cigarettes are exploding in popularity.


ABETTERHEALTHWAY is an electronic cigarette company offering smokeless electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette starter kits, Electronic cigarette refills and parts. We have a goal at ABETTERHEALTHWAY to provide a variety of Electronic cigarettes at lowest possible prices. Our smokeless electronic cigarettes are an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes, and in addition you will save money which is something we all enjoy doing. Our Smokeless Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are a smoking alternative and a way to a better, healthier life style. 

Electronic cigarettes also known as vapor cigarettes or E-Cigarettes  are free of many of the thousands of chemicals found in regulare cigarettes. As well as odorless and produce no smoke or carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It doesn’t produce cigarette butts or ashes, and is perfectly safe. At ABETTERHEALTHWAY, we offer you the highest quality and tested electronic cigarettes, starter kits, e health refills and vapor cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes or vapor cigarettes work in a wonderful fashion and utilize newly emerged atomization technique to get rid of any type of combustible smoke. The lightening of electronic cigarette rapidly heats up a specially blended liquid solution that may or may not contain nicotine. The quick heating of this liquid will cause vaporization that instantly transform the state of matter from liquid to vapor. You can easily have the pleasure of smoking with your vapor cigarette legally, anywhere you want including: in your home, at work, at the bar, restaurant or car. Use of vapor cigarettes or electronic cigarette helps you save a lot of money, and you can even select your desired level of nicotine. Our tobacco free vapor cigarettes or electronic cigarettes or E cigarettes are an astounding alternative to traditional tobacco as our electronic cigarettes contain no known cancer causing elements.

Three main parts of an Electronic cigarette:

  1. A lithium battery.
  2. An ultrasound vaporizer.
  3. A mouthpiece that holds the cigarette cartridge.

Our Electronic cigarette  starter kits come with batteries, atomizers, chargers and replacement cartridges. It has a starter kit that holds a charge for hours and can also be recharged conveniently. The vaporizer of the vapor cigarette or electronic cigarette uses microelectronic atomization technology that provides smoke-like vapors. Its mouthpiece can hold different types of cartridges. For those who prefer a smoking experience without nicotine, there are different nicotine-free electronic cigarette cartridges available in various flavors including menthol and marbol. Electronic cigarettes are great for all kinds of people who love to smoke safely.

How to use your Electronic cigarette :

Our electronic cigarettes ship with an empty cartridge installed, this is just to protect the atomizer during the process of shipping. You are required to remove this cartridge and replace with a fresh one. All electronic cigarettes ship with a charge already on them and once you have put in the fresh cartridge your electronic cigarette is ready to use.

Charging your Electronic cigarette :

Your Electronic cigarette  needs charging when the Tip of the Electronic cigarette  Blinks while taking a puff. The following are the steps in charging.

  1. Remove Atomizer and Cartridge by unscrewing the Atomizer from the E Cigarette Battery.
  2. Screw the Battery into the Charger.
  3. Plug in the Charger Cord or Charger Pack in the Case of the Green/White Pack.
  4. Tip of the Electronic Cigarette will Glow “RED” when Charging and eventually will go out once fully charged.

Additional tips of using Electronic cigarette:

Electronic cigarettes are a bit different and similar from a regular cigarette. They look, feel and taste like a real cigarette and also give you the real sensation of smoking. With an electronic cigarette you can enjoy nicotine just like you would have from a regular cigarette. We recommend that when you first start using an electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette you take a puff then lay it aside and take another puff only when the urge strikes you. At first this will be a bit different for a regular smoker but you will soon acclimate to the successful use of these Smokeless cigarettes.

The best vapor cigarette on the market are provided by ABETTERHEALTHWAY. Some refer to them as Smokeless cigarette but either way we offer the Best prices anywhere. 

Brands of Vapor cigarettes or Smokeless cigarettes or E Health Cigarettes

We carry only the top brand of Vapor cigarettes. Consisting of E Health Cigarettes Kits, E Health Refills, EHealth Kits and E Health Refills. Also, atomizers and other E Cigarette parts and supplies.

ABETTERHEALTHWAY is an Electronic cigarette company offering a selection of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette parts including electronic cigarette refills, electronic cigarette starter kits and carrying cases. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality tobacco free Electronic cigarettes at affordable prices.

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