Are Vapor Cigarettes Safe?


Are vapor cigarettes good for your health or safe to use? This is a question that many ask before trying them. The truthful answer would have to be no they are not good for your health, having said that however it needs to be said that vapor cigarettes are better option then regular cigarettes. Vapor Cigarettes have only 4 or 5 chemicals in them none of which are known to cause cancer while regular cigarettes have as many as 2000 chemicals in them and many of those are known to cause cancer. To answer the second part of the question are vapor cigarettes safe? The answer to that would be yes, but like anything electronic there is a proper way to use them. The biggest safety precaution would be not to leave a battery un-attended while it is charging or if the battery becomes very hot then stop using that battery right away.

Vapor cigarettes have been around now since around 2002 so a lot is known about them and many changes to the way they function have been made. The vapor cigarettes being sold these days are better in performance and safer to use than those of the early days. Again having said that there are still some that come from countries that do not have the highest safety standards in manufacturing and those may not be as safe as others. Many of the vapor cigarettes sold these days come for China and the majority of these have become some of the best sellers on the market today.

If you are currently smoking regular cigarettes your Dr. will tell you to stop smoking, but there are a growing number of Doctors that are now saying “If you are going to continue to smoke, I suggest you change to vapor cigarettes”

Now that you have this information the really choice to what is healthy or safe is really up to you.