Vapor Cigarette Health Risks

There are several reasons that you should make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vapor cigarettes. One of the most significant ones is that there are no vapor cigarette health risks like those associated with tobacco. Vapor cigarettes work with a liquid that is heated to produce a vapor. The vapor contains nicotine which is the cause of vapor cigarette health risks just the same as nicotine is dangerous in regular tobacco. However, vapor cigarettes are a healthier choice because they lack the 4000+ chemicals and tar that are found in tobacco and many of which cause cancer.


Even though vapor cigarette health risks are much less significant than those of tobacco to both the smoker and those in the area around them, it is up to the owners of any establishment whether you may or may not use the cigarettes in their business. As people continue to gain familiarity with the smokeless cigarettes, they are increasingly allowing them to be smoked in those places where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed. It is also an important difference to those individuals who want to smoke in their homes without the danger of second hand smoke to their families. There are no vapor cigarette health risks to others who live in your home.


Another great thing about the fewer vapor cigarette health risks when compared to tobacco cigarettes is that you can reduce your nicotine and quit smoking with their use. Start with the full-strength nicotine cartridges to adjust to smoking the new cigarettes. Gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you use until you are using the cartridges with no nicotine. Since the smokeless cigarettes let you experience the same feeling and sensation as you do when you smoke real cigarettes, many people find it easier to quit using them rather than trying to stop using the cigarettes all at once.


The vapor cigarette health risks are also much less than many of the products that are designed to help you stop smoking. With smokeless cigarettes, you don’t have to take medicines that might cause side effects or put other types of chemicals into your body. All you are getting is the nicotine and you are in control of how much of that you get! Vapor cigarette health risks are less than those associated with smoking cigarettes but they still offer you a great alternative that is very similar to smoking traditional cigarettes.


If you are ready to stop smoking, go to and learn more about the vapor cigarette health risks in comparison to those of real cigarettes. When you order your starter kit, you will get everything you need to start smoking healthier and to stop smoking cigarettes altogether! You will even same money by smoking smokeless cigarettes! Choose a starter kit that has the nicotine content and the flavor of cartridges you want to start with. Once you need new cartridges, you can try something new or reorder the same thing. It’s up to you whether you choose to smoke less nicotine or enjoy a variety of different flavors. You can do it at your own pace!