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What are Vapor cigarettes?

Vapor cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that emit vapor. The vapor simulates real cigarette smoke. They are battery operated substitutes for traditional cigarettes. They are non-flammable and are safe to use. They emit odorless vapor that simulates actual smoke, but dissipates quickly in the air. They provide smokers the pleasure of smoking without harmful side-effects.

You can enjoy vapor cigarettes in places where regular cigarettes are strictly prohibited. Vapor/Electronic cigarettes minimize the perils of second-hand smoke, so you can smoke anywhere without irritating other people. Vapor cigarettes /Electronic Cigarettes are completely odorless which will prevent bad breath as well as smoke odor.

How our vapor cigarettes work?

Our vapor cigarettes contain a cartridge, an atomizer, a smart chip controller and a built in lithium battery. An atomizer is a heater that can vaporize liquid. It is used to heat up a liquid nicotine solution which is stored inside refillable cartridges. When smokers puff, a battery activates the atomizer and heats the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge. The liquid nicotine turns into a tar free, odorless vapor, instead of smoke. Our vapor cigarettes are available in several different flavors including menthol, marbrol and camel.

Benefits of our vapor cigarettes

The popularity of vapor cigarettes is increasing due to the advantages over traditional cigarettes. Due to its health benefits, many smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are smokeless and affordable.

Vapor cigarettes include the following advantages:

  • No tobacco or tar –  Our electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, harmful chemicals and additives including carcinogens, or actual smoke.
  • Effectively odorless –  Our electronic cigarettes emit vapor that evaporates within seconds without creating any odor.
  • No second hand smoke -  Since electronic cigarettes do not emit real smoke, they can be smoked anywhere without harming others!
  • No embarrassment or guilt -  Instead of being embarrassed, our electronic cigarettes will make you look stylish and hip.
  • Non-flammable –  Our electronic cigarettes are non-flammable and use a battery and vaporizer.
  • Convenient and easy to use -  Long battery life and efficient cartridges make electronic cigarettes user-friendly.
  • Tastes and feels like a cigarette -  Delicious flavors and great product styles are an upgrade from traditional cigarettes.
  • Eco-Friendly –  Our electronic cigarettes are smokeless, odorless and an eco-friendly alternative of regular cigarettes.
  • Cheaper than traditional cigarettes –  Our electronic cigarettes are economical compared to traditional cigarettes.

The Vapor cigarette feels, tastes and smokes like a real cigarette

We at ABETTERHEALTHWAY offers a variety of types of vapor cigarettes, electronic cigarette refills and cartridges. There are abundant nicotine-free cartridges available for smokers who prefer nicotine-free smoking for their health. We also offer a wide range of electronic cigarette starter kits at affordable prices.

A spoke person from ABETTERHEALTHWAY said "We believe E Cigarettes are a better alternative for smoking and want to make kits available to everyone."



Welcome to ABETTERHEALTHWAY! We offer different kinds of Smokeless Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes and Vapor Cigarettes which do not contain harmful substances present in regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes eliminate nasty smell and messy ashes.

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